This website is all about aerial photography and film using paragliders. Paragliders are usually flown by running of mountains or by using of a tow system, but sometimes we'd like to fly and film at places where there is no mountain or tow system available. At those times we can use a paramotor to rise to the skies. A paramotor is a small engine with a propeller strapped to the back of the pilot that has enough thrust to push the pilot into the air. Just a few steps and you're airborne!

The big advantage of making aerial footage with the help of paramotors is that its mobility is very high because of the small size of the complete equipment. Just a suitcase for the engine and a big rucksack for the paraglider. In the air a paramotor can take you to places where for example a helicopter is not able to go and the cost of flying a paramotor is just a fraction of that of a helicopter.

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